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Kells Windows UK, recent work
Kells Windows UK, recent work

Kells Heritage Eco Sash Windows

kells heritage eco sash windowsChoosing traditional sliding sash windows does not mean compromising on insulation or comfort.

The new Kells Heritage Eco sliding sash window has all the benefits of a traditional sash window but is made with timber from sustainable sources and has an ‘A’ rating for energy efficiency.                    

We have combined traditional joinery techniques with the latest glazing and draft proofing technology to create an elegant slim line window that achieves the highest levels of energy efficiency. Creating a more comfortable living space. 

The Kells approach ensures that your conservation or historic wooden windows and doors are both beautiful and practical. This means you can be sure of maintaining the integrity of your building or home, whilst meeting the most stringent planning restrictions and the Article 4 Directive requirements.

The secret of draught free sash windows

Our unique Kellseal draught proofing seal virtually eliminates the draughts associated with sliding sash windows.

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