Accreditations & Guarantees

Kells Guarantee

Our focus on aesthetic impact and historical accuracy is matched by our ability to create timber windows and doors that are designed to last.

All Kells Traditional Timber Window & Door Products are Guaranteed for *TEN Years.  Term & conditions apply as per sales agreement.

But we believe a guarantee should be more than that. Our windows add character and value to your home so offering you peace of mind as well is just as important to us.
That’s why we created our ten point assurance of quality.

At Kells Windows we are experts in the craft of creating beautiful windows and doors, our installation process is as clear, detailed and sympathetic as your new windows or doors themselves. From start to finish we’ll work closely with you to ensure you achieve the impact and quality you want.

We can help, whether you are looking for traditional reproduction timber sash windows, our new Heritage Eco timber sash windows (with an ‘A’ energy rating) or contemporary timber windows or doors.

As we have proven since 1997, our Craft is to Create and Install windows & doors of:

Exceptional quality to Enhance the Beauty of Your Property.

Our 10 Point Assurance of Quality

  1. *TEN YEAR GUARANTEE – all our new products carry a full 10 year guarantee (Extended where Accoya is used). *Terms & conditions apply as per sales agreement


  3. ‘A’ ENERGY RATED – OUR WINDOWS ARE ‘A’ RATED – (complete unit inclusive of wood & glass) for energy efficiency by the British Fenestration Ratings Council and NSAI.

  4. CE Marked Products – all products are manufactured in accordance with EN 14351-1:2006.

  5. Kellseal TM Draught Proofing – our Sash Windows are fully Draught Proofed and incorporate the unique Kellseal Pulley Cover. Designed & patented by Kells.

  6. Factory-Finished Products – you can specify all our products to be fully factory finished.

  7. Top Quality Window & Door Furniture.

  8. High Quality Installation – our products are installed by time served craftsmen.

  9. SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS – we only use Timber from Sustainable Sources.

  10. Traditional Joinery Specialists.

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