Refurbishment of Historic Windows

Period Wooden Windows to be Refurbished, Sashes removed to Kells Workshop where they will be completely stripped down using the latest in ECO Friendly Technology.


  • Existing sashes completely repaired. Existing window frames to be refurbished and paint burnt off, without removal of frames or window linings.
  • All rotten and decayed timbers to be replaced are to match existing detail.
  • Windows boarded up while sashes are away.
  • Broken glass to be replaced where necessary.
  • New sash cords.
  • Sashes to be re-balanced.
  • New sash fasteners and sash lifts.
  • Draught Proofing using Kells Window & Door Perimeter Sealing System. This system significantly reduces noise levels, draughts and dust ingress, ensuring efficiently sliding sashes and eliminates sash rattle whilst meeting the highest requirements. The result is improved comfort levels and reduced energy consumption.
  • Refurbished sashes to receive 2 coats of paint. **

Top coat of paint for refurbished sashes by client. **
The painting of existing refurbished frames by client. **

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