Kellcare® Complete

At Kells we offer an additional maintenance program called KELLCARE® complete.

How does it work??

  • We carry out a full interior & exterior clean down.
  • A full inspection & operational check will be carried out on the ironmongery and weather seals.
  • Any components showing wear or fault will be replaced as required.
  • On the paintwork any touching up of paint work or any localised damage is covered in the inspection.
  • We will also look at the condition of the paint work including paint thickness, to indicate when redecoration or other maintenance programs should be carried out.

The benefits

By working to a planned maintenance program we are protecting your investment in our product’s and to ensure they look and perform as well as they did on the day they were installed.

KELLCARE® is a unique service only available from Kells.

Terms & Conditions Apply as per sales agreement

Annual fee per window & door

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